Mallinro BEMWH551GL2


This compact, quiet 30 cm deck electric hover mower moves on a cushion of air, gliding across your lawn in any direction, making mowing quick and easy. Lightweight and powerful, this 1200W mower can move easily up slopes and tackle bumpy, uneven surfaces where traditional mowers may struggle. The convenient 20, 30 and 40 mm adjustable cut settings offers you the flexibility to suit your lawn condition. The mower is supplied with 10 replacement plastic blades meaning hassle free maintenance as there's no need to sharpen in between uses. The folding handle provides for a much smaller footprint for easy space saving storage. And for the perfect edge, the lightweight yet powerful 250W motor Strimmer® Grass Trimmer. The GL250 model has a 23 cm cutting swath for efficient trimming of small gardens, a 'bump feed' mechanism for easy line feed and simple cable management feature saving space and keeping the tool organised

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  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • 30cm cutting width
  • Lightweight for multi-directional cutting
  • Perfect for slopped or uneven lawns
  • Ideal For Smaller Lawns up to 250m², Equivalent To 1.2 Tennis Courts
  • Compact For Easy Storage & Simple Grass Cutting
  • Reaches areas larger mowers cannot
Black and Decker - 1200W 30CM SHKRUOHONLEIKKURI   GL250 TRIMMERI - BEMWH551GL2

Tuotteen tekniset tiedot

Tuotetyyppi Ruohonleikkuri
Virtalähde Johdollinen
Puutarhan koko Pieni
Nimellisteho 1200 W
Työstöleveys 30 cm
Leikkaustapa Muovi
Työstökorkeuksia 3 mm
Leikkauskorkeusasetusten määrä 20-40
Compact&Go Ei
Kokoojan täytön näyttö Ei
Helppo johdon käsittely Ei
Kantokahva Ei
Johtopidike Ei
Täysin suojattu kytkin Ei
Pehmeä ote Ei
Kahvan korkeuden säätö Ei
  • Trims grass areas
  • GL250 String Trimmer

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